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formerly LewisClarkBoone Market Intelligence

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The Boone Group (formerly LewisClarkBoone Market Intelligence) is a full-service market research and competitive intelligence firm founded in 1983. We serve associations, publications (both online and print), businesses and consumers.  Our research methods include a combination of mail and online/digital surveys, telephone data collection, focus groups and consulting provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. Key firm individuals work closely with clients to ensure that the end result is exactly what they need, want and expect.


Among the services that The Boone Group offers are:

  • Readership and Advertising Studies
  • Membership Analysis / Retention / Recruitment Studies
  • Advertising Marketshare and Reader Visibility Analysis
  • Mail and Online / Interactive Survey
  • Communication Analysis, Research and Audits
  • Consumer Research Studies

 Recent projects include:


  • An in-depth market analysis for a client looking to expand their customer base.
  • A readership study for a well-known consumer publication that needed to demonstrate their readers’ purchasing strength to potential advertisers.
  • An association sponsored compensation and benefits survey that provided their CEO-level members much needed guidance both in setting staff compensation, as well as negotiating their own packages.

     For additional information, contact Brace Boone III at 919-510-0060 or bboone@theboonegroup.com


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